FX's "Atlanta" has taken TV by storm this fall, debuting to 3 million viewers in September, locking down a second season, and propelling its creator/actor Donald Glover into even greater multi-disciplinary fame. Previously a screenwriter, comedian, actor, and rapper, Glover has added the showrunner feather to his cap, and the resulting show bears more of his fingerprints than any of his previous TV endeavors (most notable among them "30 Rock" and "Community"). 

In addition to the hip hop-focused storyline where Glover plays his cousin Paperboi's manager, "Atlanta" makes its ties to hip hop felt via its soundtrack, which is one of the best to appear on TV in the past decade. Largely comprised of contemporary trap and more underground rap, it's got its finger on the pulse of trendy hip hop more so than any other show currently on the air. Nowhere else will you be able to hear Cousin Stizz, Xavier Wulf, and two Migos tracks in the same episode of television.

That's only part of the show's intricate musical palette though. The genre with the second-largest representation is classic (or classic-sounding) R&B, which provides a nice counterbalance for the show's more modern flair. Plenty of other styles, many of them obscure, pop up throughout as well, showcasing the breadth of Glover's impeccable taste. As varied as it gets though, the choices always make sense and fit together thematically, blending together to create a facet of the show that's as vivid and experimental as Glover and frequent director Hiro Murai's arresting visual styles. 

With episode 10, the finale of the first season, airing last night, we're taking a look back at the soundtrack today. We've organized the show's music into genres, so click ahead to get started.