The connection between rappers and fashion, specifically their sneaker obsessions, has never been stronger than it is today. Guys like Kanye West, Wale, Drake, Fabolous and Meek Mill have all collaborated with different brands to create their own personalized sneakers but this isn't a trend that just started- see Run DMC. 

Furthermore, these rappers used to appear in commercials to promote the actual shoes themselves, even those who didn't have any direct affiliation with the sneakers design or inspiration.

For instance, the classic Reebok Answer 5 commercial featuring Jadakiss and Allen Iverson. The sneaker that Jada was promoting wasn't a collaboration between he and Reebok or Allen Iverson, but that ad was so influential that it is still being remembered 15 years after the fact with this newly introduced "A5" Reebok Question.

That iconic advertisement is just one of the many memorable sneaker commercials that featured some of hip-hop's elite, which we'll reminisce about in the slides above.