If we had a new song for every time the Migos have teased Culture 3 in the months preceding its release, the project would be roughly the same length as the notoriously gargantuan Culture 2. Suffice it to say, the Migos have not quite taken to the newfound trend of short notice album releases, instead opting to continuously tease the climactic chapter of their long-running saga until the fateful day finally arrives.

Today, the Migos have come through to keep the tradition alive, taking to Twitter to offer up their most straightforward and succinct teaser yet: "3." No more, no less. And yet, here we are, picking up the breadcrumb and tenderly placing it beneath the microscope. Because surely, this must be the hint that signals an imminent release, as it's too simple to be meaningless -- isn't it? 

Offset Quavo Takeoff

Dia Dipasupil/WireImage/Getty Images

Though it's unlikely that the group would face off with J. Cole's Off-Season this Friday, as the Dreamville heavyweight seems destined to hijack the spotlight, perhaps we can safely surmise that Migos will come through with something the following week. It's certainly beginning to feel long overdue, given how many teasers they've issued throughout these past few weeks. Though they did recently tide fans over with an appearance on DJ Khaled's "We Goin' Crazy," the news on Culture 3 has been admittedly scarce, which has in turn drawn frustration from those eagerly awaiting the album. 

But hope should in no way be lost. Perhaps this is the start of a true rollout from the Migos, and if that's indeed the case, expect further news on Culture 3 to surface in the coming days. Are you among those excited to see what the trio has been cooking up?