While the rest of the world gets pumped for Beyoncé's upcoming world tour, the Miami Police Union is making an effort to ruin everyone's fun, at least in their city.

According to HuffPo, the Fraternal order of police have voted to boycott Bey's April performance at Marlins stadium, with Javier Ortiz, president of Miami Fraternal Order of Police penning a press release on the matter, citing the singer's "Formation" video and Super Bowl performance as disrespectful to the police.

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police has voted to have all law enforcement officers boycott Beyoncé’s concert which is being held at the Miami Marlins Stadium on Wednesday, April 26, 2016... The fact that Beyoncé used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her antipolice message shows how she does not support law enforcement.

It's worth noting that Ortiz does not actually represent the Miami police force as a whole. Major Delrish Moss who does speak for the force, confirmed that the event would be protected.