Toronto mayor John Tory may be a little more competent than the infamous Rob Ford, but he still has his moments. Following the announcement that Kanye West would be performing at the closing ceremonies of the city's Pan Am Games, Tory held a press conference, and ended up making a very ironic statement about Kanye.

While he admitted that he doesn't "spend every single night at home listening to his music," the mayor suggested that he's "smart enough to know that [Kanye]’s a proud product of our music industry here."

Apparently, no one informed Tory prior to the Q&A that West is from Chicago. Perhaps he was confusing him with Drake

His blind assumption does raise a good question-- why is an American artist headlining Toronto's Pan Am Games? Which is exactly what he asked after he was informed that West was not in fact Canadian.

"Look, I guess the question is really meant to elicit my comment on an American being asked to sing in a celebration," he said. "Frankly, I don't want to be critical of Pan Am. The Pan Am people have done a great job organizing these games. I wish it had been a Canadian. I also wish I'd known he wasn't a Canadian but I didn't. That's fine. You can't know everything."

Watch the mix-up below.