The LOX are gearing up to deliver their Living Off Xperience album, which arrives in full on August 28th. With the DMX-assisted single "Bout It" sparking pure uncut Ruff Ryders nostalgia, the legendary trio hit up Hot 97 to talk Verzuz, the Double R movement, working with DMX, and their upcoming musical endeavors.

Off the bat, Sheek and Styles confirm that the viral "drunk Jada" memes didn't exactly paint an accurate picture of the rapper's tolerance. In fact, Jada's groupmates maintain that Kiss wasn't even that saucy, implying they've seen far more rambunctious sides. "They know me!" laughs Jada. "The world never really saw me like that so they think I was extra Sean Garrett, but I was just chilling." "He wasn't that drunk to me," adds Styles. "We've performed like that, bro." 

The LOX Jadakiss, Styles, Sheek Louch

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

On the topic of Verzuz, Jada appears eager for another go, this time looking to bring the entire LOX into the mix. "I want to do another one with songs I ain't even use," says Jada, clearly confident in his ability to handle business. Sheek chimes in, praising Jada's turn in the ring with Fabolous. "We practiced!" says Jadakiss. "I took like two weeks getting all type of information and people's opinions, songs I forgot about. I really took that serious. It was like a real fight." "I think Fab came like he was just going to wing it or whatever," adds Louch. When Ebro asks how lucrative the "Jada drunk" merchandise has been, Kiss teases that he made off with about "a hundred fifty or so."

When Ebro asks who would stand a chance of taking The LOX in a Verzuz battle, Styles adds his take. "Whoever it is, we going to win," he declares. "It can be five on three, it don't matter," adds Sheek. "It can be two on three. They gotta have the catalog we got. It can be us against OutKast. Us against G-Unit, but they not really a group though."  The conversation proceeds to shift to the ongoing Ruff Ryders documentary, as well as the upcoming Living Off Xperience album that drops Friday. Fans of their story, a story we explored ourselves with this exclusive conversation, should most certainly check the interview out below.