Kanye West made a killing earlier this year by hosting a pop up shop selling what is basically tour merchandise for The Life of Pablo. It was only available to people in the greater New York area who could get to Manhattan during the two day period it was open, but the shop still raked in over $1 million (according to Kanye, at least). Those numbers are very impressive, but Kanye can’t be opening pop up shops every week. Instead, he’s reportedly going to sell his The Life of Pablo merch through his significant other’s boutique.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney own the boutique DASH together. They do most of their business online, although they also have storefronts in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, and New York City. The store currently only stocks women’s clothing, but the clothing for The Life of Pablo was mostly men’s. Either way, this will be a good opportunity for Kanye West fans around the globe to get their hands on Kanye merch that only a few people had access to until now.

No date has been set for when clothing will go on sale or what will be available from The Life of Pablo collection, but there is already a page set up for the “designer.”