On April 25, the seminal 80s classic The Karate Kid will be screened in nearly 700 movie theatres nationwide. Alongside the film, the event will also offer an advance screening of the first two episodes of the forthcoming YouTube Red original series Cobra Kai, which is based off the film franchise. 

To celebrate The Karate Kid's enduring legacy, as well as the upcoming arrival of its televisual spinoff, the film's original cast including Ralph Macchio and William Zabka spoke with Forbes about what the series means to them.

Macchio is still surprised by the film's relevance thirty-plus years after its theatrical debut. "Did I think that in 2018 I'd be talking about this with you? No way. The pop culture side of it is even more unbelievable. That fact that phrases from the movie have become part of the lexicon, as you said, is incredible and wonderful in the same breath."

Zabka notes how he and Ralph "have both been pitched different versions of some kind of a sequel or continuation over the years but none of them felt right. They were all weighted too far one way or the other." However, he discloses that the Cobra Kai series "kind of threads the needle, it felt safe and it felt right." Macchio echoes his co-star's sentiments by stating "Cobra Kai is, we feel, the right story with the right people at the right time and being available the right way."

Macchio goes on to admit that "it was surreal just being called Daniel Larusso again," as he reprises his iconic role. Furthermore, he also reveals how the series will "show some flashbacks throughout the show and there's footage that's never been seen before from the original shoot intercut into the story, it's amazing."

Cobra Kai is being pitched as the "start of something bigger" with a hopes for a multi-season arch.