Social media was recently turned upside down after T.I. revealed on Nadia Moham and Nazanin Mandi's Ladies Like Us podcast that he visits the gynecologist with his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris to make sure that she's a virgin by having the physician check for her hymen. Since the podcast aired, T.I. has been heavily criticized by the public for what they call "policing" a woman's vagina, and the men over on The Joe Budden Podcast discussed the controversy on a recent episode. Joe and his crew didn't want to get into talking about a teenage girl's body parts, but they did want to share their takes on the situation.

"That's another rule of mine. I don't tell parents how they should parent," Joe said. Mal later added that he understood T.I. was attempting to communicate that he is an overprotective father. "I don't think he should have said this on a public platform, one," Mal said, adding, "And two, if you and your daughter have that relationship, then I think that should be a relationship between you and your daughter." They all agreed that T.I.'s move to share that information with the public about his teenage daughter wasn't a good look.

"How you maneuver as a famous parent to your of age [child], like they're 18 and they have to really go out and deal with the world, school classmates, their peers, their friends, it's important," Joe said. "I even think twice about the things I even write under my kid's Instagram because I don't know what you got going on, how you are with your friends, I don't know how they're receiving you. I don't want to embarrass you."

It's clear the Joe wanted to be careful about speaking specifically about T.I.'s relationship with Deyjah, but it seems that the hosts take more issue with the publicity of it all more than the actual act of T.I.'s request. Watch the clip below.