The Jacksons are staying true to their word, by upholding their disenfranchised brother at all costs. That opportunity presented itself last night as Michael's former band of brothers traveled to Brazil to perform a medley of his/their songs including "I Want You Back," "ABC," "The Love You Save" and "Dancing Machine," all of which feature MJ as the lead vocalist.

"It will be a tribute to MJ." Tito Jackson said in regards to the group's intentions in Sao Paulo, Brazil. "He is everything and will be represented on the stage." As you likely know, Tito Jackson, alongside brothers  Marlon, Randy, and Jackie, were often regarded as background support for Michael's stargazing potential, and to a lesser extent their brother Jermaine, who later tasted his own solo success once they disbanded. Unfortunately, Jermaine couldn't make the trip due to an illness.

Coincidentally, the concert at Espaco Das Americas coincided with Michael's daughter Paris Jackson allegedly attempting suicide, a report she vehemently denies. Regardless of the fact, The Jackson will remain in the Southern Americas until Tuesday where they've been booked a second time in the same locale. As Tito prefaced by labeling the concert booking an "MJ Tribute," their touring endeavors appear to centered around defending the luster of their family crest, heavily weighted by the public's perception of their brother.