President Donald Trump has used his time in office to sound off on various issues, one of the biggest being his contempt for any media outlet that offers up "fake news" on the regular. Now, 45 has taken his beef with such offenders to the next level and the Internet isn't having it.

Using Twitter as his platform (which should surprise no one), Trump stated that he will be "announcing THE MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday [...] Subjects will cover Dishonesty & Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media." There's been no advance warning of who exactly will be in the President's crosshairs when he makes said announcement or, realistically, if he'll end up doling out the awards at all. No matter how unbiased you think the White House should actually, this would make for some incredibly divisive conversation as soon as it hits social media. Check out his announcement tweet below.

Of course, other Twitter users were ready and waiting with a retort, which included not a small amount of Fox News shaming in the process. Essentially, Trump's attempt to paint some of the news media as purveyors of fakery may have backfired on him. Check out a sampling of the reaction below.

This statement comes on the heels of Trump's salvo that he fired in the direction of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, who supposedly has a "nuclear button" on his desk. 45 brashly countered that information by saying that he too has one such button on his desk in the Oval Office, but that he is "much bigger."