The Internet have been quiet since the release of their critically acclaimed and Grammy-nominated 2015 album, Ego Death, but recently made a spectacular reappearance with a brand new single, "Roll (Burbank Funk)," an upbeat and groovy track that could get anybody bouncing. With the single came the implication of a new album, and fans may be able to hear it sooner than expected. 

Yesterday, The Internet posted on their Twitter that, "albums is done." Three simple words, but enough to get any Internet fan excited. A key facet to this tweet, however, is the world "albums," in the plural. When asked about it, they specified what they meant. Unfortunately, there won't be two back to back Internet albums coming out, but we will get the next best thing. Patrick Paige II, the bassist and producer for the group will be releasing his solo album, Letters of Irrelevance on May 18th, and The Internet will be releasing their new album on "___."

While we've known about Paige's plans to drop his album for some time now (check out his single "On My Mind/Charge It To The Game"), but this tweet serves as great confirmation that a new Internet album is coming, and will most likely be coming soon. Band member Steve Lacy originally told Beats 1 that the new album was almost finished back in December, so hopefully it will drop this summer so we'll be able to enjoy it while the weather is still warm. Check out the two tweets from The Internet below.