The Internet has been around since 2011, but many are just hearing about the group thanks to their appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. They seduced the audience with a laid-back vibe, turning the stage into a kind of lounge, complete with a loveseat and a tropical plant. The band performed "Come over," the second single off their upcoming album Hive Mind.

Syd came out with a touch of nervousness along with her usual swaggering self, wearing a playboy-style silk pyjama to deliver the come-hither slow jam. The soothing quality of her voice was, at times, overtaken by unintentional vibrato. Still, the singer kept her cool demeanor throughout the performance, lounging on the stage set's couch by the end of it. Steve Lacy had a stronger presence as he supported the lead with his sturdy back vocals. Then, he offered a guitar solo that was somewhat hesitant in an endearing way. This group is packed with talent and experience, and big moments like these remind fans not only of each member's humanity but also of their arrival to their dreams. 

More blessings from The Internet's upcoming record are currently available. The visuals for "Come Over" dropped earlier this month. "Roll (Burbank Funk)" is also available for streaming hereHive Mind, their fourth studio album, is set to be released on July 20th.