The Internet have a big summer planned. Following the release of "Roll (Burbank Funk)," and the news Hive Mind was close to completion, The Internet have announced their intentions to drop their return album on July 20th, 2018. To go along with the announcement, the group has provided the official track list, giving us a general idea of the the conceptual frame work used on the album. All 13 songs seemingly communicate succinct positive messages. Group front woman Syd expressed her desire to bring together young Black people with an album preaching "reciprocity and love." She stated, "After making a few songs we realized that we really want to use this album to live by example and promote camaraderie amongst young Black people," in the amended version of the group's press release.

The Internet plan on touring the record extensively throughout the remainder of 2018. The Internet have shown a tendency to acculturate their musical instruments, combining elements of funk, soul and psychedelia into modern furnishings. Hive Mind is the group's first record collectively since breaking apart temporarily to embark on solo projects back in 2015. The announcement also coincides with the release of a second single "Come Over," spearheaded by Syd's sultry vocals.

The Hive

1. Come Together
2. Roll (Burbank Funk)
3. Come Over
4. La Di Da
5. Stay the Night
6. Bravo
7. Mood
8. Next Time/Humble Pie
9. It Gets Better (With Time)
10. Look What U Started
11. Wanna Be
12. Beat Goes On
13. Hold On