The Internet have announced  "Hive Mind Tour, Part 1" in support of their the similarly titled album. The project has received lots of praise, and some critiques of overall "complacency," but the harshest of critics wielding those opinions are likely their greatest supporters. Truth be told, the album is the perfect accompaniment for summer unpacking, but the band itself will only commence their "award tour" come October.

The "Hive Mind Tour, Part 1" will encompass 27 dates over a three month period. The tour will make pit stops in Montreal, Brookyn, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston, New Orleans, Boston, Charlotte and Minneapolis.

Tickets have been available on their website. Packages include a "meet and greet" option, while a few of the dates are only admissible through festival bundles such as AfroPunk, so get in where you fit in. The majority of the bundles go on (pre)sale as of August 10 (Friday).

The band has spent a good portion of their off the beaten the path. Since their edict of expulsion on Ego Death, the group dispersed into private convoys where their scope of personal experience. During that period, the group seldom performed as a unit, but was never close to breaking apart. They joint together through shared values, something that can't be undone overnight.

Buy your tickets as of Friday.