After Justin Bieber made the shocking decision to cancel his "Purpose" tour, many were quick to theorize that his association with the Hillsong Church was the catalyst. With reports circling about Bugatti Biebs' close friendship with "father-figure"  pastor Carl Lentz, many have seized the opportunity to sensationalize Bieber's newfound spirituality. In reality, Biebs has yet to divulge the reason he cancelled his tour, despite many suggesting exhaustion as a primary motivator.

Now, a spokesperson for the Church has attempted to clear the air via an interview with The Daily Mail. According to the spokesperson, "'The recent announcement by Justin Bieber about his tour does not involve Hillsong Church. 'We wish Justin the best for his future."

While the statement is brief and rather vague, it does somewhat dispel the narrative that Justin Bieber is holed up somewhere grooming himself into some cult-like messiah. Maybe dude is simply tired of the constant media circus. Who really knows?