Child stars are nothing new, but Ryan ToysReview is something altogether different than, say, Macaulay Culkin. There should probably be a different word for a kid whose video (granted, they're edited and filmed by his parents) gets viewed more than a billion and a half times and whose annual income of more than $22 Million. 

A few days ago, Forbes released another of their lists of the richest people in a given field, this time for YouTubers, and Mr. Toysreview was #1. He's now got a line of collectibles selling at Walmart so it's likely that Ryan will only get richer, until he gets tired of toys, at which point he may turn into a Jake Paul, who makes money by posting vlogs and music videos that are, to say the least, hard to watch.

Paul is second-place on the list, making $21.5 million a year, apparently mostly from his unoriginal merch, called Rise N Be Original or RNBO. His brother, Logan, is tenth on the list even after being kicked off Google's preferred program (which gives good ad rates for popular channels) for filming a suicide in Japan. The other spots are all made of video game commentators like PewDiePie and Vanoss, with only one spot conceded Jeffree Star's cosmetics channel. See the full list here.