While mobile games have yet to capture the sheer viral hype of 2016's Pokemon Go, it would appear that developers Niantic are hoping to remedy that. While Pokemon Go continues to move forward through its loyal following, Niantic has been hard at work on their follow-up, drawing from another beloved universe: Harry Potter. Now, we can get a new look at their upcoming game, Harry Potter: Wizard Unite, which looks to draw from the same system as its wildly popular predecessor.

WPA Pool/Getty Images

Insofar premise is concerned, it doesn't appear to be following the same depth of J.K Rowling's series, though it does appear to be offering up a basic storyline. Players will act on behalf of the "Statute of Secrecy Task Force," where they will act as protectors of the muggle world, capturing rogue creatures and dark forces. There will also be a "Portkey" mechanic, which will transport players into a virtual depiction of the Harry Potter universe, complete with notable landmarks.

Check out some of the first gameplay videos below, and sound off below. Are you trying to get in on the action?