In addition to the #LostBae story from last week, the #HurtBae viral video was lampooned endlessly. In the original video, the man in the relationship, Leonard, ended up looking like a pretty big asshole (his smirking didn’t help). Everyone sided with his ex-girlfriend Kourtney, the clear victim in the relationship. However, vlogger Krispyshorts invited said asshole Leonard in for an interview, and he clears a few things up.

First, watch the #HurtBae video to get yourself acquainted if you haven’t already.

Now that’s out of the way, we can get to his interview with Krispyshorts. It’s a bit long, so we’ve highlighted the most key things Leonard talks about.

  • Leonard isn’t super remorseful throughout the video, pointing out that Kourtney Jorge has amassed a huge social media following (upwards of 300,000 before her account was hacked & deleted).
  • Many of the events that Kourtney describes didn’t even happen while the two were in a relationship (at least according to Leonard). College “relationships” are notoriously not very serious.
  • The relationship described in the video was three years ago.
  • He’d leave his (currently non-existent) girlfriend for Tyra Banks.

He closes out the interview by singing, “I made that bitch famous.” So much for redemption.