Last year, an Illinois court ruled that The Game pay former She's Got Game contestant Priscilla Rainey $7.1 million after she accused the rapper of sexually assaulting her on the set of the show. The Game is now holding Viacom, the parent company of TV channel VH1 responsible, asking for $20 million in a new lawsuit.

According to TMZ, the suit states that the show's producers cast Rainey despite a doctor's recommendation to exclude her from the program. The doctor reportedly cited Rainey's past arrests, including those for aggravated battery. For these reasons, Game believes he is entitled to $20 million, which includes the payment he has been ordered to make to Rainey, as well as an additional $13 million in damages.

Rainey has accused The Game of assaulting her at a bar in Illinois where the crew was filming the Bachelor-esque reality show. Her suit claimed that Game "forcefully reach[ed] his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks," one of multiple assaults from the rapper that night. The suit cited "physical, psychological, and emotional damages," for which a jury found Game liable. He has maintained his innocence throughout.