Many rappers took part in protests following the tragic wave of violence that ensued last week, beginning with the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and continuing with an attack on a peaceful protest in Dallas on Thursday night that resulted in the murders of five police officers. The Game has stepped up to demand change, and he has done so in a peaceful manner, approaching police with the aim of reconciliation rather than contempt. On Friday (July 8), he and Snoop Dogg hosted a peaceful all-male march to the LAPD headquarters. Their intent was to "erase the fear of one another" that stands between police and minorities, and they even met with Police Chief Charlie Back and other top-ranking LAPD officers. 

It's now clear that The Game has been instructing his oldest son, Harlem, to recognize that the opportunity for goodwill exists within the police community, as Harlem has created a GoFundMe page for Arkansas police officer Tommy Norman in order to help the officer sustain his philanthropic efforts to the predominantly black community he serves in North Little Rock. 

Game shared Harlem's GoFundMe initiative through an Instagram post earlier today. He explained how he had talked to his son about the difference between good cops and bad ones, which motivated Harlem to try to find an example of a good one, eventually discovering the charitable efforts of Officer Norman. Harlem then had the idea of starting a GoFundMe page so that Norman can continue to "stuff his trunk with toys, goodies, food, and other things to help him continue contributing to the kids and people in Little Rock, Arkansas." Harlem's goal was to raise $10,000 for Officer Norman -- an amount that the GoFundMe drive has already achieved. As of 8pm on Sunday night (July 10), the "a good son for a good cop" fundraising effort has already raised over $32,000. 

The Game also revealed that he donated the first $1,000 to his son's campaign. He noted that he, of course, could've supplied the whole original goal of $10,000, but in doing so he would've "stolen the joy out of my son's idea and his commitment and dedication for something and someone he felt touched by." 

Officer Norman has already been made aware of the fundraiser created in his honor, and he went on his own Instagram to express his surprise and gratitude for the donations spearheaded by The Game and his son. After explaining that his charitable work isn't motivated by attention but, instead, is "just a part of life for me," he thanked both The Game and Harlem "for having faith in my mission and dream to change the world!"