As you probably know, Stitches got knocked out by The Game's manager Wack 100 last week outside a club in Miami. Stitches then proceeded to get jumped by his own crew and released that Game diss track. Anyways, Wack 100 called into a radio show to explain his reasons for hitting Stitches with the fist to the dome, and what he believes was going through Stitches' mind at the time.

"At the end of the day, I can respect his movement," said Wack. "We don't tolerate no disrespect. He's a kid. He ain't been living long enough to be living with certain people and certain situations."

He compared Stitches to a baby rattlesnake. "I'm a little older, so I ain't got no problem coming with the hands. Hopefully it might wake him up that this shit out here is not a game."

Wack postulated that bigger guys like Stitches lack fighting skills because they never had to fight growing up. After the cops tased him and took him to the county jail, Wack said he entered "convict mode" and tried to fight Stitches, but Stitches didn't want any part of that -- a claim Stitches vehemently denied in an Instagram post, embedded below.

Stitches REALLY wants to fight The Game. Frankly, they need to make this happen and make it available online or Pay-Per-View. Would provide some much needed income for Stitches, who has three young kids.

Stream Wack's interview below.