Much has changed since 2012, when The Game first dropped off his Jesus Piece album. Today, a new Game track hit the circuit, in which he namedrops Kim Kardashian in a truly X-Rated fashion, offering Kanye West an apology for his troubles. It's interesting to speculate on what might have provoked such a disrespectful tone from Game. After all, Yeezy and Game have no shortage of hits together, including Documentary's "Dreams," Doctor's Advocate "Wouldn't Get Far," LAX's "Angel," and The Documentary 2's "Mula." A perusal of Game's recording history indicates nothing but respect for Ye's legacy; in the recently revealed snippet, he goes so far as to profess platonic-man-love for Kanye, despite painting lewd sexual fantasies of Kim not two seconds earlier. 

"I held Kim Kardashian by her throat, n***!" raps Game, in a snippet presumably meant for the upcoming Westside Story. "I made her swallow my kids, until she choke n***a! I should apologize cause Ye my folks, n***a!" The mixed messages are astounding. Can one really apologize to a husband after depicting kinky erotic fantasies of his wife? We've long heard sexualizations of Kim Kardashian, including some from Kanye himself, who once declared his wife became a "superstar off a home movie." Consider that Kanye recently put Drake, Nick Cannon, and Tyson Bedford in check over their own perceived slights toward Kim's honor. It's hard to imagine Kanye West, family man he claims to be, keeping the same energy toward The Game, a warrior in the booth and the street corner alike. 

Yet it's The Game's energy that raises a more pressing question. Why on earth would he paint such a disrespectful picture of his collaborator's wife? Especially after these lines from Jesus Piece's "Heaven's Arms:" 

Kanye with Kim now, I’m happy for that n***a
Disrespect him or his wifey, I'll slap you for that n***a

Unless he's busy slapping himself as an act of self-inflicted penance, it would appear that Game has undergone a change of heart somewhere down the line. Of course, this isn't the first time he's boasted of a romp with the Kardashian clan. In 2016, the rapper claimed to have slept with not one, but three Kardashians, on his song "Sauce." "I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed off," he raps. "Then I fucked three Kardashians, hold that thought." Given recent revelations surrounding Usher's own publicized grown man business, the line has not aged particularly well. Still, it's telling that Game decided to plant the seed, though remaining coy about the identities of his three alleged bedmates.

During an appearance on Wendy Williams, however, Game addresses his Kardashian dealings, playing somewhat neutral with regards to a Kim affair. "I'll tell you this," he says. "Kanye is a really good friend of mine, and they got really really beautiful kids, and I don't want to disrespect their family." A far cry from his recent track, in which his tryst with Kim is all but shouted from the mountaintops. 

In fairness, the track is technically unreleased, and may not have been intended for the album in its current state. Yet somewhere down the line, Game decided to shrug it off and go balls-to-the-wall, airing out the dirty laundry for all to see. Of course, it's all kicking off prior to Game's impending album, which stands among the year's most anticipated.

Unfortunately, it seems highly unlikely that Kanye West will be contributing production to the cause. What might have changed? Could Game's loyalty to Daz Dillinger run that deep? Maybe Ye's recent antics proved a bridge too far for the Westside icon. Either way, The Game continues to find ways to turn heads, delivering bangers with little to no remorse for anyone standing in his way. 50 Cent would be proud.