The Game went back to back with his latest album, The Documentary 2, releasing second disc Documentary 2.5 as a separate album one week later. While the rapper arguably came harder on the second installment, its no surprised that the sales count is looking to be a LITTLE lower this time around.

While D2 just debuted at number 2 on the charts with 95k sold, D2.5 is looking to move somewhere around 40-45,000 copies traditionally, and 45-50,000 including streams.

The thing is, Game will have two albums on the charts this week, so overall he'll still have a great number. Plus, he'll be releasing the two-disc packaging of the album soon enough.

Meanwhile, Machine Gun Kelly's General Admission release has the EXACT same projections as Game's, with 40-45,000 traditional copies projected, and 45-50,000 with streams.

Pentatonix and Demi Lovato are both looking to outsell the rappers, but we'll have to wait and see who comes out on top between Game and MGK at the end of the week.