Even the youth of today can appreciate the art of spitting three hundred consecutive bars. At least, The Game's daughter California Dream can, as she made clear in a heartfelt text message exchange with her father. "Mommy told me that you are one of the best rapper ever and that you made a song with three hundred bars that's that's so cool," she writes. "I saw the lyrics, Mommy said that you never stopped for about 20 minutes." Clearly, the sentiment filled The Game with paternal emotion, as he took to Instagram to show off his eloquent, and lyrically inclined child. 

He also uses the opportunity to provide some parenting advice, stating "as a mother and father you should always give your children jewels and positive information about the other parent. To me, that is REAL parenting." He continues to break it down with some essential "do-nots." "Bad mouthing, tearing down the other parent damages the child more than anyone." 

He proceeds to shout out his baby mama Tiff, before promising a late-night studio session to commence work on his upcoming album. The whole exchange is a pretty positive one, and it's cool to see Game in a great familial place. Plus, the idea of young California marveling at her father absolutely dismantling G-Unit for an extended period of time is equally hilarious and impressive. Shout out to Game and his family for this one.