The Game's upcoming Born To Rap album has already stirred up controversy. The unforgiving rapper put both Cyn Santana and Kim Kardashian in his verses, prompting a heated response from Joe Budden and silence from Kanye West. Of course, Game was his typical self, refusing to give an inch in the face of pushback. Now, with Born To Rap hype reaching an all-time high, Game and his collaborators have continued to ramp up the promotion. Today, Swizz Beatz emerged to share a new look at the album, previewing a song that the pair cooked up during one of many sessions.

 Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

"I can’t wait until y’all hear the full zone of what we’ve been cooking," teases Swizzy, in the midst of a blue and green haven. "This Game record we have coming out is a real problem." Upon cueing it up, a vintage vocal sample fills the air, much to the delight of purists. "No Grammy nods for J. Cole," reflects Game, disappointment evident in his tone. "Travis Scott had an incredible year, my only hope is that he don't turn his back on his peers." 

Game's loaded words come in the wake of the revelation that he once served Kylie Jenner a dose of lightly milked Frosted Flakes. Whether fact or fiction, one truth remains. Game time will leave many feelings hurt and many speakers buzzing.