The Tristan Thompson cheating scandal has pulled in responses from Amber Rose, Tristan's ex-girlfriend and now, The Game. Both of the ladies responses to the Cavs player getting caught kissing other women were supportive on Khloe Kardashian's behalf, with Amber stating "no one deserves to feel that pain especially during such a sensitive time."

The Game, however, weighs in on the matter with a meme depicting O.J. Simpon (who is believed to be Khloe's father) picking up a phone call about Tristan cheating and taking matters into his own hands. The post to his Instagram gets more interesting since a user commented "are you gonna pick up daddy responsibilities," adding, "after all she is your girl."

The user is most likely referring to The Game's previous claims that he “f**ked three Kardashians" - lyrics on his 2016 DJ Khaled assisted track "Sauce." That along with Khloe previously admitting that she and The Game once lived together as roommates ties into the allegations even more. 

As for The Game's response to the Instagram comment, he said "you already" and we're thinking he forgot one word, so he probably meant to say "you already know."

As we just posted, Khloe's reportedly experiencing early contractions and her family's flying out to Cleveland to be by her side.