The Game, best known for his G-Unit records release The Documentary, is the latest hip-hop celebrity to speak out against the newfound army of Usher haters, most of them jumping on that bandwagon in light of his recent sex scandal that could result in multiple lawsuits and several million dollars in damages sought. The veteran rapper has one concise message for those who are so quick to throw darts at the famed R&B singer: "Get off his nuts."

Speaking with TMZ, The Game thinks that, first and foremost, people should be focused more on their own lives instead of the ones they read about in the tabloids. "Most of the people out here talking s**t [...] they got herpes too," he concluded matter-of-factly. The Game then proceeded to hit on more of the stories that are gracing hip-hop's headlines this week, including Boosie Badazz's supposed illicit gift idea for his teenage son. "You can't tell nobody how to take care of their kids man," he explained. "If he wasn't there for his kid, then you'd have something to say about that. But when he's making a joke on his Instagram page about his son, what is everyone else worried about [...]?"

He also managed to touch on Blac Chyna's aspiring rap career, which he had similarly strong opinions about. You can check out the entire video below.