There have been many accusations thrown Eminem's way this past couple of weeks since he's found himself ensnared in a rap beef with Nick Cannon. It's caused many artists who admire, know, or have worked with the Detroit rapper to come to his defense as Eminem refuses to trade bars with the Wild 'n Out mogul. It's made for plenty of Em stories to come to light, as well, including this one from The Game who told HipHopDX about working with Eminem on their song "We Ain't."

Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff / Getty Images

Game was asked about his lyrics on "Better Days" where he mentioned that he hadn't spoken to Dr. Dre or Eminem in quite some time. He explained that Dre just took a step back because of things Game was getting himself into with other artists. He also shared at that time what his last talk with Eminem was about. "The conversation I had with Em was about where I wanted to position the verses for 'We Ain't' on The Documentary," he said. "It's not like you just talk to Eminem every day. Em does his own sh*t. I'm pretty sure nobody talks to him every day. Except probably like Hailie or some sh*t. But Em is like, rebel fr the cause and he just like, he do his own thing."

"He was more concerned with it being my record," Game clarified. "He wanted it to be structured the way I wanted it and he wanted to make sure—Yo, Eminem asked me what I thought about his verse. That was crazy." He was asked what his response was. "I mean, I said what the f*ck I was supposed to say. Even if it was f*ckin' wack I was gon' say, 'Yeah, it's f*ckin classic.' But, it's Em. It's like, 'Why are you asking me how I feel about the verse.'"

After Game shared a story of he and Nas in the studio, the interviewer told the rapper that he was listening to "We Ain't" just prior to his interview. He said that, in his opinion, Game had a better verse than Em. "So, I bodied Em on my own sh*t?" Game asked. The interviewer said he wasn't going to make Game choose, but he thought so. Watch Game's interview below.