Earlier this month, shortly after the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, The Game and Snoop Dogg helped kickstart a campaign called H.U.N.T., which stands for "Hate Us Not Today." Their first initiative was to lead a peaceful march to the LAPD Headquarters, where both rappers met with top-ranking officials from the department. Earlier today, H.U.N.T. teamed up with the Nation of Islam and Minister Farrakhan to host a citywide forum that specifically called for the presence of gang leaders in the greater Los Angeles area. The goal of the summit was to unite men from opposing gangs in an effort to bring forth solutions about putting an end to violence within the black and brown communities. 

The Game announced the event earlier today on his Instagram. He began the invitation by writing, "Los Angeles, on behalf of myself, Snoop Dogg, and the honorable Louis Farrakhan, I want to extend the invitation to all CRIPS, BLOODS, ESE's & all other gang members, major figures & GANG LEADERS from every hood in our city as well as the surrounding cities to our meeting 11am this morning." 

He called on the black and brown gang members of his hometown to face the "sad truth" that "before we can get OUR LIVES MATTER to anyone else...We have to show that OUR LIVES MATTER TO US!!!!" He went on to remark that black and brown people are killed by members of their own races far more often than they are by those outside of their races, but he finished with a message of optimism. "Don't think we can't change it & better ourselves, lead by example & make our city a safer place for our children," he wrote. 

He also asked that no "hot heads" attend the gathering and that none of the gang members bring weapons or anything else that's illegal. 

The Compton rapper posted a picture of the event after it was finished, and he suggested that it was an extremely positive experience for everyone involved.