The Game is being accused of running some shady business on social media, allegedly reaching out to a number of artists and expressing an interest in working with them and growing their careers. He's being accused of asking for these artists to pay $1,000 to get reposted on his socials or be added onto mixtapes, and it appears as though the mixtapes have been shared officially.

The mixtapes, which were shared on a secondary SoundCloud account, don't offer much promotion for the artists featured on the projects, which is exactly what the rappers involved have allegedly been complaining about. The page only has 353 followers (at the time of publication) and despite being shared three days ago, most of the songs have less than 100 plays. Still, Game is trying to offer a platform to these artists, sharing the link in his bio and writing, "OUT NOW click link in bio, let’s run these numbers up."

The artists featured include Chivo, Baby Jay, Geezy, Mic Corbin, and dozens of other aspiring rappers. The Game is not featured on the three mixtape compilations that were uploaded-- he simply hosts it on his page.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The Game has yet to comment on the allegations that he has been scamming artists. However, this doesn't really appear to be a scam. Game is following through on his promise, from the looks of things. Because the artists aren't being posted on his main page though, this just doesn't seem like a smart opportunity for artists looking to proactively impact their careers.

What do you think? Listen to the tapes below.