Death is one of the most difficult things to comprehend. While we all know it's inevitable, when it happens to somebody we know or respect, our worlds fall apart. The same can be said when one of our favorite artists understand tragic fates. When XXXTentacion passed away last month, the hearts of the hip-hop community sank. The same can be said for Lil Peep and Tupac & Biggie before them. While some have been equating X and Peep's legacies to Pac and Big's, The Game chose to avoid that route, posting an edited photo of Peep, Tupac and XXXTentacion embracing but noting that he is not trying to make a divisive message through it.

In the image, which was shared by a fan who likely crafted it using Photoshop, XXX wears his iconic hairstyle and looks down at his phone while Peep prepares a bottle of lean. We're sure other photos of the late Gus were available to be used but, for some reason, the creator of the image decided to portray him in this light. Pac stands between the two, embracing both of them with his arms around each artist, looking off into the distance.

Game explained why he decided to repost the image, writing that, "Sometimes hip hop takes a lot more than it gives." The West Coast recording artist clarified that he is not trying to put the three on the same level but that, "if [2Pac] was here would’ve more than likely embraced this new generation of rappers along with the last because that’s how passionate he was about the children of then that would become the adults of now flourishing in life."

Choosing to upload the post one month after we lost X was probably a conscious decision for Game. Take a look at the powerful flick below.