Everyone mourns differently and for The Game, writing public letters to his late friend Nipsey Hussle may be an exercise in therapy. The rapper has vowed to post a tribute to Nipsey at least once a day, and right on time, Thursday morning Game woke up ready to express adulation for his friend. "Good morning bro, I love you," Game wrote. "You are the 1st thought in my head when I wake. It’s not forced, you’re just there. My dreams are different & my sleep overall has been rough. It’s an unsettled feeling that is sort of unexplainable."

Game recalled how Nipsey was there for him when he was grieving those closest to him. "I lost my pops, you were there. You sent flowers to the crib & checked on me every other day until I told you things were getting a lil’ easier. You were always 'A better human' than me. I used ask you like 'Nip, why you just a better human than me' & you would say 'Naw Chuck, you do the same sh*t as me it’s just harder to notice from the inside.. but I see it.' But really, you were. I mean, I love, I care, I give, I help, I motivate, I...... do the best I can for as many people as possible but your love for people was different."

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The rapper even said that Nipsey was one of the reasons why he put his beef with Meek Mill to rest. "I got mad at you when you called me about the @meekmill beef trying to squash it & I told you 'stop ridin for these n*ggas, this the West' !!! & you told me 'you gone do what you wanna do Chuck & I’m always with you but that’s the bro I’m telling you, I talked to Meek & he ready to let it go.' I didn’t listen, so the beef lingered & then Meek got locked up & I remember feeling really bad about that. Then he got outta jail & in the midst of everything he was going through that day, he called me & said he’d been thinking about me in jail & one of the 1st things he wanted to do when he got out was put our differences aside. So we did."

"I called you, told you & I could hear the smile thru the phone before you saying 'Told You Chuck.... we can do so much more if we are unified in this sh*t.' Your heart bro, your heart. Always pure, always solid. Always my brother.... 'THE GREAT @NIPSEYHUSSLE' !!!! Feel his energy, I know you do. Look around, the person you see next to you does too!"