The Game has had a storied career as one of the most prominent artists to blow up from the West Coast. The Compton rapper has released a few classics and will always be respected for his contributions to hip-hop. Over the years, he and 40 Glocc have had an ugly relationship. With tons of back and forth between the two, Game and Glocc can absolutely not be considered friends. Their beef has been documented in records and on the street and, as expected, 40 Glocc had something to say about The Game's new hairstyle, clowning him with a report from Boskoe's page on Instagram.

Showing off his new hairstyle, The Game was subject to a mix of compliments and insults from commenters. Among the haters was 40 Glocc, who savagely did not hold back, hitting the Documentary artist with some third-degree burns, courtesy of Boskoe. First, he went after the pearl necklaces that Game was wearing in the photo, circling back to his hairdo afterward. Making fun of the face that Game is pulling in his photo, Boskoe exclaimed, "You too old for that shit." Continuing to roast him over his hair, Game's rival said, "Blood had baby hair, bruh you combed them down. Don't lie."

The real fun came with 40's hashtags, adding to his caption the following: "#AmostOutTheCloset #DooglerExpressPacket #InstaThotSelfie #SkinFilters #Contacts #FemaleChokerChains #BabyHairsGeledDown #GaySideGangsta." For somebody accusing The Game of being in the closet, it's a little ironic that he's so focused on the man's appearance. Regardless, peep the most recent advancement in their feud below.