It's been a little under a year since The Game released The Documentary 2 and he's getting ready to release another album, 1992. Tuesday he revealed the album's cover art on Instagram. It's designed by Darryl “Joe Cool” Daniel, otherwise known as the man who designed Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle cover.

Here's what The Game had to say about the cover: "#1992 Cover art is inspired by what was going on in my life, my city & the world when I was 12 years old coming into my teenage years: The Los Angeles Riots, Michael Jordan & the #DreamTeam featured above on my shirt won Olympic Gold… Crips & bloods were both pulling me in both directions & joining one of the gangs was almost a normality for a young African American male growing up in Compton & the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County. Rodney King getting abused by the cops was an unforgettable incident & caused mass hysteria worldwide & the famous OJ Simpson car chase/trial was a huge worldwide televised situation that racially divided a country…. So these are some of the many topics based around my childhood touched on in this album That I wanted to include in the artwork.”

1992 is due out in September. Check out the cover art below.