Many of us grew up watching The Game on television, either on BET or on The CW. The show was extraordinarily popular and we still find ourselves catching up on re-runs every now and then. Featuring star actors Tia Mowry, Lauren London, Pooch Hall, Jay Ellis, Brandy, Hosea Chanchez, and others, The Game served as a launching pad for some actors to branch out and achieve huge things in their careers. After a while off the air, the show is officially coming back but there's a twist.

As reported by Deadline, the program will be returning to The CW with one-hour episodes developed by the show's creator Mara Brock Akil and Devon Greggory, the co-creator of American Soul. Some of the original cast members are set to return for the reboot but it has not been specified exactly who will return. One of the major changes will be the show's setting, which will now take place on the East Coast.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The sequel has been given the following description: "The Game family was coasting to retirement but they heard the call of the fans to make a comeback… and like the record-breaking winners they are, they decided to pick up and move from a half-hour sitcom in San Diego to a one-hour dramedy in Baltimore. This time, our out-of-touch old-timers are determined to help a bunch of knuckle-head new-schoolers navigate the ruthless game of football on and off the field. They will clash through the pitfalls of fame, fortune and love. Some will win, others will lose, but that’s what happens when you play The Game."

Will you be watching when it returns?