NBA 2K20 is finally here and people have been going crazy over it. The thing is, now that the summer is over and the cooler weather has arrived, people feel far more inclined to stay in than go out and NBA 2K is the best way to spend your time until the summer comes around. Even then, NBA 2K is just great all year around.

Now, some women might be upset that a video game is now taking their man's full-blown attention but The Game, who's an avid fan of the game, took to Instagram to explain what the commotion is about. Taking a clip from the hood classic Paid In FullThe Game lets Mekhi Phifer's character, Mitch, explain it.

"I love the game. I love the hustle. I feel like one of them ball playin', n***as, you know? Like Bird or Magic or something," Phifer says in the clip. "Yeah, you know a n***a got dough. I can leave the league but if I leave, the fans still gon' love me, man?"

"When a girl asks me why I like playing @nba2k so much," he captioned the post.

Needless to say, Game is dedicated to the game. Notice how he hasn't been promoting his upcoming album that much since NBA 2K came out? It could be a coincidence but it doesn't seem like one.