It wasn't long ago when The Game was penning bars by the hundreds, doling them out to his lengthy list of enemies. One such foe included Meek Mill, with whom Game beefed in 2016 during a long, convoluted, Sean-Kingston-involved saga. The feud, which seemed to pop off over a misunderstanding gone wrong, led to Game dropping two notable diss tracks in "92 Bars" and "Pest Control." Despite the shared animosity between both men, it would appear that Game has decided to showcase his own personal growth, as the rapper took to Instagram to share a lengthy homage to Meek Mill. 

"Had beef wit a n***a that could’ve ended in bloodshed either way. We had differences but when it all boiled down, we were once friends in & out of music," writes Game, alongside footage of a recent Meek Mill concert. "As young African American men we grew up in similar situations where a lifespan for us was 21 years of age & that is still the age in which most of us coming from where we come from think we’ll never make it to."

He continues, explaining that he and Meek actually chopped it up on the phone after the Championships rapper was released. "The day after @meekmill got out of jail, he called me & we talked for an hour. not about the beef but about new beginnings & what the future holds for us as seasoned hip-hop artists," writes Game, proving that hip-hop beef can indeed be temporary. 

"I never wished jail on you & I was genuinely happy when you got released," he concludes. "I said it over the phone & I’ll say it again. Welcome Home n***a." 

As of now, Meek has yet to respond to Game's homage. Still, it's a good look to see two former foes bury the hatchet, with one party openly expressing a sense of admiration for the other. This level of growth goes a long way in hip-hop; perhaps he was inspired by Drake and Meek's recent squashing of their own feud, as expressed in meme form. Respect to The Game for this one.