Compton's own The Game has shared an Instagram post of Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. album cover, along with a lengthy caption. Game has nothing but praise for Kendrick's album, and he showers both artist and album with compliments. It's almost like a father proud of his son.

"if you are a true fan of HIP HOP, then you have it memorized by now !!! If you are a hip hop fan & you do not have @kendricklamar shit by now...... FUCK YOU, that's on Compton, Bompton & my hood & my kids...."

Game goes on to say how both he and Kendrick put on for Compton, using their locale as an influence in their music and creating something meaningful from it. It wouldn't be Game if the caption didn't take a turn near the end, where he makes a distinction between "real rap," and the "sucka niggas" who can't rap. Whether or not this is a shot at the new era up-and-comers is unclear, but Game has earned veteran status, and it's not uncommon for the older heads to look down on the new wave. 

Still, Kendrick's album seems to have resonated with Game on a personal level. The album has Game "beyond motivated," and he concludes his post by teasing "WESTSIDE STORY" coming soon. On their podcast Everyday Struggle, Joe Budden and Akademiks recently called Game one of the most underrated rappers in the game, with a near-perfect body of work.