Here ye, here ye, The Game has returned to the studio. Whether hard at work or hardly working is open to interpretation. Still, Game seems to have it all figured out. The West Coast legend has been busy working on himself, or so it would seem. Clearly, he understands the value of aesthetic appearance. Case in point, Game premiered an elaborate new look, complete with a lengthy beard to match; he was promptly roasted by former rivals, though the opinion of an enemy seldom holds weight. Either way, a recent update shows that Game is doing just fine. In fact, he seems to be thriving.

"Y’all wanted me to go krazy on the last album," writes Game, in an Instagram studio update, "be careful what you wish for !!! sweats comfy af too !!" Track-Pants-Tuesday foregoes all global boundaries. What really catches the eye, however, is the lovely floral arrangement lining Game's studio desk. Three pots of pink and white roses seem to add a touch of class to the session, and no doubt proves imperative in counter-balancing the unsavory musk of men at work. 

Though rivals might have tried clowning him over a perceived femininity, The Game is back on his no-fucks-given. And why wouldn't he be? He has earned his place as one of Compton's finest. Let the man have his flowers.