The Game Hints At The "3 Kardashians" He Claims To Have Slept With

  September 20, 2016 12:31
Game indirectly acknowledged who he was talking about on his song, "Sauce."

The Game raised some eyebrows after he rapped about hooking up with "three Kardashians" on his song "Sauce" earlier this summer. Naturally, the rapper was asked about the line during his recent appearance on the Wendy Williams show, with Williams bringing up a photo of the family for reference (it's as weird as it sounds). 

Williams then went through each of the women pictured, asking Game to confirm or deny their relationship. While he was clear on his "NO"s (Kourtney), he also had a hard time giving an outright "YES." 

Khloe and Kim, who Game is rumored to have dated, both got these type of vague responses. “Sometimes it gets late at night, and you know… and it just, people… I don’t know,” he said of Kourtney. As for Kim, the rapper was just as indirect. "Kanye is a really good friend of mine and they've got really beautiful kids," he offered. "I don’t want to disrespect their family.”

As for the third, Game surprised the crowd with a left-field suggestion. "It gets a little tricky... Chyna ain't married yet," he said, referring to Blac Chyna, who has recently paired up with Rob Kardashian. 

Watch the footage below. 

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