Say what you will about Nick Cannon, who has recently found himself on the receiving end of some genuine Stan scorn, but at least the appreciates lyricism and legacy; he generally makes it a point to inquire about the TOP 5 Greatest Of All Time.  "You here, one of the best lyricists to ever go," praises Cannon. "Who is Game's top 5?" Ever the purist, Game prefaces by making the key distinction between "order" and "no order." After opting for the latter, he proceeds to name his picks for the overall GOAT. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, and Em," says Game, not wasting a second. "I'll give it to Em." Despite being in the midst of an open feud with Marshall Mathers, Cannon still recognizes his prowess behind the mic. "That's an unstoppable Top 5," he admits, as Game continues. "Those five guys are going to be in everybody's top ten," states the rapper. "Right after that, Snoop Dogg, Andre 3000, I really think that Kendrick has done a great job in catapulting himself to the top of hip-hop. Lil Wayne is part of everyone's life. If you're alive at some point or another, Lil Wayne helped you do something."

Overall, Game's conversation with Nick Cannon is lined with gems and insight throughout. Look no further than this insane tale, in which Game remembers pulling a gun on Death Row mogul Suge Knight after the Vibe Awards after-party. Clearly, the man has lived through it. Check out the full conversation below, with GOAT talk kicking off around the 38-minute mark.