YG once claimed that none of his crew can "get into Canada." As it happens, the same logic seems to apply to The Game. Unfortunately for fans, the Game's long-planned Canadian tour has since been derailed, as 10 at 10 Calgary reports the rapper has been denied entry into Canada. The outlet shared a screencap of Game's rejected Temporary Resident Permits, a decision made by the Canadian Government. Sadly, this means that all of Game's Canadian tour dates have been called off, which included dates in Vancouver, Calgary, Alberta, and Ottawa. 

The Canadian Touring Agency has issued a statement absolving Game and his camp of any blame, reiterating that the show was, by no means, " canceled." In fact, it sounds like Game and his camp went through all the proper channels, and spent hours filing all the proper paperwork. Unfortunately, Canada continues to prevent rappers from entering, which explains why Canadian fans have occasionally missed out on a variety of prominent hip-hop artists. Should you have bought a ticket, rest assured that refunds will be doled out accordingly.

It's unfortunate news for Game, who will likely move forward with his European tour dates undeterred.