Not every rapper's relationship with the mother of their children has to be one of contention. Over the years, The Game has shown love to Tiffney Cambridge, his ex-fiancé and mother to his two youngest children King Justice and California Dream. The former couple were once featured together on two seasons of the VH1 reality show Marrying The Game, but after dating for eight years, they decided to split. There was a time when there were scathing headlines about the two, but they've been able to mend their relationship.

The Compton rapper has been respectful of Cambridge in the media and he recently showed his public appreciation of her when he penned a heartfelt letter in celebration for her birthday. "It’s somebody’s mothaf*ckin’ birthday....... 'ayyyyyyyeee get lit lit, throw ya hands up if you think you the sh*t ayyyyyeeeee," Game wrote on Instagram. He shared that as a present he gifted Cambridge with an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii. "Have fun, enjoy yourself... make sure you watch some hula dancers wiggle one time for me cause that’s lowkey on my bucket list 🤔."

He continued, "Thank you for all the years, two bomb ass kids & a gang of attitude lol.. what would I do without getting cussed out by you & my name screamed so the world can hear it... 'JAYYYYCEEEEONNNNN' head ahhhhhhh girl lol..... & if this is 44 years old... sheeeeeeit, chile get yo life & f*ck the stress."

Over on Cambridge's page, she shared a few photos of her island vacation. "Thanks for all the love, light, and positive energy today," she wrote.