The Game is facing contempt of court charges for failing to produce documentation that would excuse him from paying the $7 Million owed to Priscilla Rainey. The charges were seconded by the judicial powers that be. The deposition called into question The Game's sexual advances towards the plaintiff while they were filming a segment for She's Got Game in May of 2015. The Game allegedly slid his hands up and down her dress against her wishes. Rainey filed a $10 Million lawsuit for which she was awarded $7 Million, citing "physical, psychological and emotional damages" as a result of the groping incident.

Rainey's attorney filed a request to audit The Game's financial records, in an attempt to force payment beyond reasonable doubt. The Game & his legal team have given her the snub. No payment has been made since the ruling in 2016, leading to our present day court summon on charges of contempt. The Game continues to deny her accusations, and defy the court order against him.

The additional charges will be taken into consideration on April 5, at a hearing scheduled to take place at the U.S. District Court in Chicago. 

[via Chicago Tribune]