The Game and Young Thug's beef was rekindled recently when Thug felt slighted by some subliminal jabs made by The Game and Charlamagne Tha God during a Breakfast Club interview. Thugger responded with an Instagram video, which led to a bit of IG back and forth with the two.

Things quickly subsided, but The Game adds more fuel to the fire today thanks to footage of a freestyle he did during his recent Skee TV performance. The West Coast rapper was mid-performing "Hate It Or Love It" when he strayed from the record for a bit to throw a diss Young Thug's way. He ends the song with a second diss, reiterating what he said the first time around. 

The lyrics in question (once again) bring up the fact that Thug has been photographed in a skirt/dress. The first jabs come around the 2-minute mark when he raps, "I'm from Compton, used to be a young blood," he raps. "These days you n*ggas got Young Thugs." The following lyrics get a bit convoluted, due to the noise, but he ends his performance with:

"Since I was 10 years old, I was a young blood. These days y’all n*ggas got Young Thug. Y’all rappers wearing skirts. My rappers type of rappers to put n*ggas in a hearse."

Watch the full performance below. Promotional tactic for The Documentary 2 or heartfelt beef?