Lavar Ball's been a polarizing figure in the media. While his crazy antics and massive personality has created some memorable moments in 2017, he's been heavily criticized for his actions, including the way he decides to raise his kids. Most recently, it came after he decided to pull his son, LiAngelo Ball, out of UCLA. It's a controversial move, especially when taking a child out of a respected school. However, The Game recently added his two cents to the topic and he doesn't think anyone should be questioning Lavar's decision.

TMZ recently caught up with The Game where they asked him about his thoughts on Lavar Ball's decision to pull his son out of UCLA. While many have criticized the leader of the Ball family, Game had a pretty level headed approach to the topic.

"I learned a long, long time a go not to tell nobody what to do with they kids. It's his kid," he said.

He later elaborated on his thoughts by saying that Lavar is ultimately just looking after his kids at the end of the day.

"He doing what he doing, man. But I'm pretty sure whatever decision he made is in the best interest of his child," Game told them.

Lavar Ball told ESPN's Jeff Goodman about his reason to take his son out of UCLA. He said that his son's suspension is ridiculous and is gearing to make him "way better for the [NBA] draft than UCLA ever could have."

Check The Game's comments below: