The Game caught flack from the internet last week when a snippet of one of his new song leaked online. In the song, The Game raps, "I held Kim Kardashian by her throat, nigga/ I made her swallow my kids until she choke, nigga/ I should apologize 'cause 'Ye my folk, nigga." The line offended Kanye and Kardashian fans, while others who don't care much for the couple still felt that Game went too far with his line. Critics have cited that Kim is a mother now and Game's friendship with Kanye as reasons why the Compton rapper stepped over the line. On a phone interview with 92.3 The Real’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Monday (January 28), Game defended his bars. 

"You got people that, you know, that watch movies that feel like, 'This is too much' or 'This is disrespectful," he emphasized. "And then when people say, 'Oh, she's a mother.' Yeah, my momma's a mother. How did I get here? I'm pretty sure my mom swallowed...let's be real. Everybody listening, like yo, your momma didn't get nasty? How did you get here?" As far as the critics saying Game is clout chasing, hoping for a Kanye West meltdown to help propel his record sales, he answered, "What makes a clout chaser? I don't get it—these new terms. How do you chase clout? How is somebody that sold 20 million records, that is well established and is iconic in his own right, legendary in music—how do you chase clout?" Check out the interview below.