Long known for his outspoken demeanor and unfiltered social media presence, The Game took to Instagram this afternoon to defend Bill Cosby, the 78-year-old comedy legend who was arrested on multiple sexual assault charges on December 30.

The Game wrote out "Black Lives Splatter," Written in blood under 'splatter' are the first names of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Oscar Grant, black men whose killings at the hands of white police officers (and George Zimmerman) incited the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

"Y'all put Dr. Huxtable in jail off of word of mouth," wrote Game. "I'm not here to say these women are liars or not because RAPE is a huge deal & I don't wish that on any woman of any color... But whether or not he actually did anything, we won't know because of the lack of evidence or proof & the duration from the point of the alleged assault to now.... Why did it take these women over 10 years to bring this to the light ? & while we out here laughing & making memes of a 70+ year old man who practically raised us all on tv as children.

"In other news.... The people we pay taxes to keep employed are still taking the lives of men, women & even children, ON VIDEO, are out here enjoying the New Year FREE & I don't see no memes of that shit.... & who am I except a man with an opinion....... So I'm not here to ask anyone to do anything other than pay attention & govern yourself accordingly."

The Game isn't the first rapper to come to Cosby's defense; earlier this week, Waka Flockashared his belief that Cosby was framed, and several other hip hop figures have expressed skepticism or outrage since allegations of sexual assault first surfaced in November 2014.

See the The Game's full Instagram post below.