The Game/Young Thug beef started back in May when Game came to Lil Wayne's defense during the Thugger/Tunechi beef. “I dare a pussy nigga to walk through California and say 'fuck Wayne," Game said. "I’ma do a nigga like I did 40 Glocc... I will fuck Young Thug up.”

It's not hard to see why The Game and Young Thug have been beefing -- they are polar opposites in every way. And now that Game has been doing a ton of interviews recently to promote The Documentary 2, it is not surprising that the beef has been resurrected, given his outspoken nature.

Last week The Gametook shots at Thugger during his performance of "Hate It Or Love It" on Skee TV, rapping, “Since I was 10 years old, I was a young Blood/ These days y’all niggas got Young Thug." A few days later, he stopped by a packed studio at LA 92.3 to chop it up with local radio legend Big Boy. The Game was asked to name three rappers to form a fictional group called the Wack MCs. “The lead singer is Young Thug. For sure,” he said.

He named Lil B the wackest MC a few years ago, but it appears that The Based God has been dethroned.